The Society for the Promotion of Vestibules ...and Vestibule Awareness

Eddie Ross - President
Philippa Rice - Prime Minister
Anne Holiday - Professor

More reviews of our first outing

Two more reviews of our first issue that have surfaced on the interwebs.

One at the Everything is bloody interesting tumblr in which the author talks about the “girl heading the stand” that “talked with such passion about vestibules that I couldn’t ignore the wider implications of this, and was surprised to learn that I do in fact have a vestibule”. That sounds a bit like our resident Professor Anne Holiday.

The other at the 365 zines a year blog in which Matthew Murray turns almost evangelical about Vestibules:

Vestibules may be those specific hallways, but they can also be those weird little bits connecting train carriages, the part of the mouth inside the lips and before the teeth (!), the space between dimensions (!!!), and airlocks for spaceships! I never thought I would be reading about astronaut related things when I picked up this zine, how exciting!

Matthew does, also, lament the fact there are no astronaut pictures in this zine but we can exclusively reveal that we will address this in a later publication which may, or may not, be something to do with vestibules of the future. But not the next one, no. We’ll be blogging about our plans for the second issue very soon.  

Spreading the Vestibule love

The wonderful people at Zeeneblog featured our humble first outing on their blog last week and they sent us a lovely message to tell us about it in which they revealed they have a small vestibule in their flat with not much space for anything more than a football or two and, maybe, an umbrella!

Well Zeeneblog, we’d say that in that case you’d be surprised about the amount of things you’ve got stored in the vestibule of your mind. Or, come to think of it, the vestibule between your lips and your teeth - not that we’re saying you have poor oral hygiene or anything. 

Anyhow, check it out here. And check out all the other cool zines (or should I say Zeene’s?) that they’ve featured (and made themselves)!

Reflecting on vestibules

Hopefully you can see that there is a vestibule here. A space between the outside door and the inside door where you can rest a while before you find your keys and can actually go inside.

I waited outside while my friend went back inside because she forgot her sunglasses. I should have waited in the vestibule because I got hit on by a crazy man who thought I was an athlete. New York is a crazy place. Lesson learned: always wait in the vestibule.

The Vestibule Book brings its reader happiness.  Some even come to occupy the emotional vestibule between happiness and joy.

The Vestibule Book brings its reader happiness.  Some even come to occupy the emotional vestibule between happiness and joy.

Even the Whitehouse has a vestibule. ‘Nuff said.

Even the Whitehouse has a vestibule. ‘Nuff said.